About Aqi

Developing high-quality skincare with excellent reputation since 1993

We believe skin care is a health matter not simply a cosmetic concern. Since 1993 AQI has continually striven to develop the absolute best healthy natural skin care available, to assist everyday people live more satisfying lives.

We have focused on developing natural products especially for problem and sensitive skin, which are also wonderful to use for people with any skin type.

This unique approach means you will find AQI Skin Care products extremely effective and provide you with real results.

This is why over half AQI customers are repeat customers, who use and love
the products.

AQI Skincare products contain a crucial combination of natural active ingredients especially selected to address specific skin conditions. These are then used at optimum levels, to ensure that each product is truly effective and functional.

By implementing this methodology AQI has differentiated its skincare as being effective, healthy and safe for sensitive skin.

If you are passionate about ingredient safety, you should know that each product is created with this in mind. Only ingredients that are known to be healthy and safe are used in AQI products produced in Australia with Australian Quality Ingredients.

Developing high-quality skincare with excellent reputation since 1993.

Our 'Natural' Ingredient

Natural and Botanical extracts can deliver high performance results when it comes to skin care.
Science is now confirming the long term knowledge of herbalists that natural derived skincare is
able to be more effective than synthetic based products.

We have taken our experience with the best of our best products over 28 years and developed an outstanding high quality skincare range bursting with healthy ingredients for the whole family.

The range is jam-packed with healthy active ingredients; no other range has the unique combination of exceptional natural ingredients that make this one of the best body care ranges available today.

It’s also as much about what we leave out as what we put in. We don’t use risky chemicals in our products and are obsessed with using safe ingredients to protect your skin from harm.

Skin Sensitivity is on the increase

AQI Natural Skincare products are formulated using high quality natural active ingredients at levels specifically selected for their ability to work in perfect harmony to assist sensitive skin.


AQI Skincare products contain a crucial combination of natural active ingredients especially selected to address specific skin conditions.


  • 90 – 96% plant derived, natural skin and body care formulations bursting with healthy,
    quality, natural ingredients.
  • Sophisticated formulas that target sensitive and problem skin.
  • Key ingredients specifically selected for their ability to perfectly combine together to assist
    skin health.
  • Suitable for use by people with dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea
  • For daily use by all age groups,

Our Collections

Our AQI Skincare Collections contain a crucial combination of high quality natural active ingredients especially selected to address specific skin conditions.

Our Mission & Values


To contribute to the development of the absolute best quality healthy skin care available to help everyday people live healthier and more satisfying lives.


AQI Skincare products fromulated with Manuka honey, Shea Butter, fresh fruit extracts, and other natural ingredients


Aqi adhere to the best product development & manufacturing processes, following the most uncompromising quality test.


You can return your purchase for a full refund for up to 30 days from the purchase date Discover more

Meet Our Founders

Shireen and Brian Baldwin have extensive experience within retail and skincare development in Australia.

In 1993 we became increasingly perturbed by some of the poor quality skincare that is promoted to unsuspecting consumers and sold every day in our retailer outlets. This made us realise that consumers need to be both enlightened on and provided with good choices on healthy skincare options that really work for them.

To provide a solution to these challenges, the AQI Skin Care Range was developed. We focus on maintaining our commitment to manufacture and distribute the best quality natural, healthy skin care range possible, produced in Australia with Australian Natural Ingredients.

“As science uncovers the critical link between health and our environment it is beholden upon those who can, to make the effort to provide others with beneficial options to improve their wellbeing in whatever way they can. Each positive contribution helps in some way big or small.”

We constantly strive to be a valuable, innovative and problem solving skin care Company using high quality, effective natural ingredients suitable for all skin types. To provide you, the consumer with the opportunity to enjoy the best skincare products at good value prices.

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