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ACNE Face Wash 5 Star Review

Have to share this review on our ANCE Face Wash:

“Long product review because this is so good”

It kinda makes me sad that no one has reviewed this product yet because it’s actually very very good! I came across this cleanser and the moisturiser when my dermatologist gave it to me to use whilst using Roaccutane a few years ago but didn’t repurchase when it ran out because I didn’t know where I could repurchase. I also wasn’t sure if this product was truly working for me because I was taking Roaccutane while using the cleanser and moisturiser. I’ve tried MANY facial products before and after my first use of the Aqi Clear products (ProActiv, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Cetaphil, Clearasil, The Face Shop etc etc etc) and none of them really worked that well which either dried out my face, gave me cystic acne, made my face too oily, causing it to break out even more or just flat out didn’t work at all! Until I remembered about using the Aqi Clear cleanser and facial moisturiser a few years back so I thought I’d give this skincare brand a Google search to see if a reliable supplier is selling it online. I really really hope this brand doesn’t discontinue because I realised how sensitive my skin actually is and how dry and irritated it easily gets when wrong products are used! I haven’t used the other Aqi Clear products but the cleanser and moisturiser are very gentle, doesn’t make my face too oily or dry and draws out my pimples only to dry them out for good! I also found that my skin glows after prolonged usage of these products! Sorry for the long review but whatever, please Aqi Care, don’t even discontinue your products and anyone who’s contemplating on getting these products yes! I’m glad to say that after years of trial and error, I’ve now FINALLY found the right skincare products for me! Plus it’s waaaayy cheaper and reasonably affordable compared to that darn overrated ProActiv which isn’t even worth any of the hype it’s receiving.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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