ACNE Value Pack

This ACNE Value Pack from AQI-Clear contains the key requirements to care for you Acne prone skin to cleanse, control, treat and minimise breakouts. Save 25% by ordering the AQI-CLEAR five piece Value Pack now. This is a $ 16.80 saving over buying the products separately !

Do you have sensitive skin? AQI-CLEAR for ACNE prone skin contains natural active extracts which have been specifically incorporated for their efficacy and gentleness to the skin without irritating or drying out your skin.The amazing AQI-CLEAR natural range is great for use on all skin types without over drying or irritation.

Here are the individual products you will recieve in your ACNE Value Pack :

1 x Foaming Facial Wash to gently cleanse and remove daily grime.

1x Purifying Facial Scrub to deeply cleanse and unclog pores.

1x Gentle Clarifying Toner with no added alcohol to soothe, remove excess oil and tone your skin.

1x Oil Free Balancing Lotion to assist improve and normalise natural moisture balance.

1x Spot Gel, a fast acting clear gel to minimise face breakouts by inhibiting the bacteria that causes you pimples and reduce redness to leave your skin clearer and healthy looking.

ACNE products from Aqi Clear are a fantastic natural alternative to harsher chemical products normally used to treat ACNE prone skin.

Natural active extracts have been specifically selected for their efficacy and gentleness to the skin. Aqi Clear has been specially developed using natural extracts which have been clinically proven to assist in treating Acne prone skin and just as effective with far less irritation to the skin that the conventional chemical treatments.

AQI-CLEAR Foaming Facial Wash contains Cinnamon extract and other natural plant extracts, and it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. The antiseptic properties of the bark of the Ceylon Cinnamon tree are primarily attributed to its essential oils

AQI-CLEAR Purifying Facial Scrub contains Willowbark Extract a natural alternative to Salicylic acid which is traditionally used in Acne products. It also contains Cinnamon extract an antibacterial and antifungal.

AQI-CLEAR Clarifying Toner contains Willow Bark which has analgesic, antiseptic , astringent and anti- inflammatory properties.

AQI-CLEAR Oil Free Balancing Lotion contains Bearberry which is known for it’s purifying properties and is also an astringent and antiseptic.

AQI -CLEAR Spot Serum contains a high concentration of Willowbark Extract, a natural alternative to Salicylic acid which is traditionally used in Acne products.

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