AQI Natural Skin Care for Sensitive Skin is now selling in the USA on

You can find our AQI Naturals range on Amazon USA.

We are very excited to advise that finally our range AQI Sensitive Skincare products are available in the USA. We have chosen to launch on as it seems the most customer-friendly and convenient way to give access to the products that have been so popular with our customers.


We believe skin care is a health matter, not simply a cosmetic concern. Since 1993 AQI has continually striven to develop the absolute best healthy natural skin care available, to assist everyday people to live more satisfying lives.

AQI has focused on developing natural products especially for problem and sensitive skin, which are also wonderful to use for people with any skin type.


AQI Skincare products contain a crucial combination of natural active ingredients especially selected to address specific skin conditions, particularly Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis and skin irritations. These are then used at optimum levels, to ensure that each product is truly effective and functional with an emphasis on sensitive and problem skin.

By implementing this methodology AQI has differentiated its skincare as being effective, healthy and safe for sensitive skin. WE BELIEVE THIS MAKES IT SOME OF THE BEST NATURAL SKINCARE AVAILABLE TODAY.

This unique approach means you will find AQI Skin Care products extremely effective and provide you with real results. This is why over half AQI customers are repeat customers, who use and love the products.

If you are passionate about ingredient safety, you should know that each product is created with this in mind. Only ingredients that are known to be healthy and safe are used in AQI products produced in Australia with Australian Quality Ingredients.

This speciality sensitive skin range is aimed at discerning skin care clients who are looking for the best skin products available to help themselves and their family.

You can find our AQI Naturals range on Amazon USA at the following link or search ‘AQI’

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