ATO Baby Skin Care products

ATO Baby Skin Care products are a new generation of functional natural skincare products especially created for babies with highly sensitive skin. ATO is short for the word “atopic” which describes conditions that occur when Baby is overly sensitive to allergens in the environment such as harsh climate, pollens, mould, dust, animal dander, and certain foods.

The pure natural active ingredients incorporated in ATO Baby Skin Care have been selected because they are known to help in the relief of the symptoms associated with contact dermatitis, rashes, extreme dryness and itching skin. The range named ATO5 is made in Australia and the range was originally developed for the harsh climatic conditions experienced in Korea.

Launched in Korea two years ago ATO5 is now also available in Australia. The range has been developed as a premium quality baby range aimed at mother’s who are looking for the best for their child. Baby skincare is a high priority amongst Korean Parents and this range has been developed specifically to assist sensitivity amongst Korean babies where atopic skin conditions is a concern particularly because of the harsh winter conditions.

The emphasis in this range is the high quality natural ingredients used particularly Colloidal Oatmeal, Rose Hip, Shea Butter, Jojoba and Sodium PCA. We have focused on the benefits that will be achieved for highly sensitive skin and atopic symptoms. Our products are suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitivities and irritations, making them eczema friendly.

ATO Baby Skin Care pure, gentle and effective products care for your Baby’s sensitive skin and contain only naturally derived ingredients that are gently cleansing, moisturising and soothing.

There are NO artificial fragrances, NO soap, NO sulphates, NO petrochemicals, NO mineral oils, NO propylene glycol or NO phthalates used in any product. All are made in Australia using only the finest natural extracts selected for all ATO 5 BABY products.

Babies need a range of products that are non-irritating and gentle, moisturising and softening. ATO Baby Skin Care developed for a baby’s skin which is thinner than that of an adult, more sensitive and does not have normal barrier functions when they are born. This is a range of natural baby care products that are most used in the first 5 years of a baby’s life.

The function of these products is to keep baby skin care safe and gentle by offering the items that nourish, nurture and gently care for your little baby’s’ skin without irritating ingredients.

All ATO Baby Skin Care natural baby products have been developed to the suit sensitive skin of babies. Ingredients have been carefully selected to target the concerns mother has about their baby’s delicate skin. We select ingredients that are well known for their low irritancy towards skin and are known to be beneficial including Colloidal Oatmeal, Beta Glucan and Soya Bean. We also use calming and soothing extracts like Shea Butter, Rosehip and Aloe Vera

We use a mixture of natural oils that are derived from coconut, sustainable palm oil and sugarcane, all of which are known to be safe and low irritant. We use organic vegetable oils, waxes and fats that are high in vitamins and well known for their nourishing effects on your skin. We also use only an all-natural anti-microbial plant blend to preserve the quality of our products and we use no chemical preservatives.

We list all our ingredients on our product labels. In this way you as a mother of a baby that sensitive to soaps, detergents and chemical preservatives, know all the ingredients we use and so you can be confident in knowing exactly what you are putting on your baby’s.

ATO Baby Skin Care products are all free from animal ingredients or animal by-products and we don’t test on animals. They are gentle effective and naturally derived.

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