Bathtime Routine for Bub

Bathtime Routine for Bub … Is bath time the time of the day where your home is either filled with fun and laughter … Or, tears and stress… Having a great routine can make all the difference!

Is bathtime fun-time, or does it result in bathtime tears?

It’s that time of the day where your home is either filled with fun and laughter …

Or, tears and stress…

For some babies, right from the very first bath they are happy, and love bathtime, but others are indignant about being bathed!

Making sure your bub is safe and secure during bathtime is one thing, but having a Bathtime Routine for you bub will make a HUGE difference!

So, the big question is … what can you as a parent do to make bathtime fun-time?


  • Create a nightly routine, this will be important for you and your bub
  • Make sure that you have all the items you need ready for bathtime, and within easy reach – before you start bathtime
  • Use a bath tub that is designed to make bathtimes easier. A molded bath where you are not bending down can be a great investment
  • Reduce all distractions, both inside the room and for yourself
  • Choose a time of the afternoon or evening when your bub is happy, if your bub is normally distressed at a time of the evening, try making bathtime that little bit earlier
  • Test the water temperature before you put your bub into the bath, a tepid bath is best i.e. don’t make the water too hot, or too cold!
  • Be there 100% for your bub, enjoy the moment, make this a time to really connect. They wont be at this stage for very long
  • Talk to your baby, and if you feel like singing, sing to your baby
  • Choose a product or range of products that are made from natural ingredients. Become an investigator and find out what what you are putting onto your bub’s skin
  • Be Gentle
  • Set time aside after the bath to create a relaxing time for just the two of you
  • If you are needing support during bathtime, arrange for someone to be there to help. Once you and bub get used to your routine, it will get easier

HINT : The more planning you put into bathtime, the easier it will be for both you and bub!

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