Benefits of Allantoin


What is Allantoin?

Allantoin is often used in skin care products like creams and lotions. It can also be found in different personal hygiene products like antiperspirants or deodorants.  Allantoin is a natural chemical compound that is often produced by animals and plants. This compound can be naturally derived as well as chemically synthesized. Allantoin is commonly found in plants like comfrey, chamomile, sugar beet and wheat sprouts. Whether it is naturally or chemically derived, Allantoin is safe, non-allergenic and non-toxic.

What are the benefits of Allantoin?

  • Soothes sensitive and irritated skin like eczema and psoriasis

Allantoin has anti-inflammatory property that can soothe irritated skin as well as help reduce redness. It also has skin protection and anti-irritant properties to help prevent skin irritation and breakouts.


  • Helps treat acne breakouts

Allantoin is often used in acne treatment products because of its anti-inflammatory property. It also helps loosen dead skin cells of the skin thus preventing whiteheads, blackheads and pimples to develop.


  • Helps relieve dry skin

Allantoin helps soften and moisturise the skin. It has the ability to soften the keratin of the skin thus assisting the skin to absorb and retain moisture effectively leaving the skin soft, smooth and healthy looking.


  • Assist on treating burns, wounds, scars and even acne scars

Allantoin is well known for treating burns, wounds and scars because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties. Since Allantoin also stimulate growth of new skin cells, it helps quicken wound healing.


  • Allantoin is non-toxic, non-allergenic and odorless

Allantoin is widely used in skin care products because it’s non-toxic, non-allergenic and odorless. Since it also has anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties, Allantoin is a great ingredient to use in skin care products specially made for sensitive skin.


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