Christmas Gift Ideas For Babies and Toddlers

Presents Babies and Parents Will Love

Buying presents for the littlest member of the family is always fun and exciting. We find ourselves automatically wanting to spoil them with lots of gifts at Christmas without thinking how practical and necessary the items are.

Here are our top gift ideas that will still spoil the baby but be of use to their parents as well.

Skin Care
Babies have soft, delicate skin that requires constant moisturising in order to keep it supple and smooth. However, atopic skin conditions like baby eczema and psoriasis are common with babies, making their skin dry but also making them irritated and restless.

The chemicals typically found in skin care are too harsh for their skin , thus they need lotions and creams that are safe and natural. AQI’s plant based Baby Skin Care will make for the perfect gift as the specifically formulated to soothe and calm their skin but will also give their parents peace of mind knowing it is safe and effective.

Sensitive Baby Shampoo & Body Wash – Premium, soap-free wash gently cleanses delicate skin and hair

Ultra Sensitive Baby Lotion – Premium lotion will moisturise and soothe ultra delicate skin

Extra Soothing Nappy Rash Cream – Natural, non-irritating formula to help relieve nappy rash and dry skin

Don’t forget our special Christmas gift. Receive a BONUS AQI cosmetics bag valued at $24.95 and FREE shipping with any AQI Skin Care purchase of $75 or more*

Educational Toys
There are a wide variety of toys you can choose to give a baby, however a toy that helps stimulates and encourages development makes for a great Christmas present. Not only will you be gifting a toy that is fun and exciting but you will also be giving a great start to early education that will help develop their fine motor skills.

Just like educational toys, books are a great present to give babies. Though they aren’t able to read at this age, there are specific books that are targeted to stimulate their senses as well as books that introduce them to reading like first words, numbers and animals.

As well as being a great present for the baby, their parents can also enjoy reading to them and helping them develop their reading skills and imagination.

Clothes and Shoes
Babies and children grow so fast making clothes and shoes at Christmas are a welcomed present from parents especially if they are clothes that they can grow into.

Besides clothes, you may wish to give a toddler a costume for Christmas. Not only will it be fun for them to dress up but it will also help develop their imagination and creativity.

Sentimental and Keepsake Gifts
Gifts such as a family photo shoot, memory photo albums and hand and foot imprints/castings are a fantastic present for new parents to help them cherish their little ones.

Although these sentimental and keepsake gifts are more presents for the parents it is a great way for them to show their children just how small they once were.

These thoughtful gifts vary in prices, so whether you would like to give a professional service/package or a DIY kit, you will be able to find something to fit your budget.

[Christmas Gift Tip] If you are purchasing gifts online, allow plenty of time for delivery, as there can be a few delays during this Christmas period. To avoid disappointment, always check with the stores delivery dates before purchasing the gifts.

As for AQI delivery dates, to ensure you receive your AQI products before Christmas please place orders by 15 December.

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