Christmas Gift Ideas For Teens

Gift Ideas Teens Will Love

Buying presents for teenagers can be a hard task, but it helps to know what they want and what’s on trend. Here are our top picks for those picky teens.

Skin Care
Give teens the gift of confidence this Christmas with skin clear, brighter skin.

Where traditional acne skin care contains intensive chemical ingredients that dry out the skin, AQI provides a natural alternative that not only minimises breakouts and inflammation but also soothes and calms the skin.

So for natural yet effective skin care, buy them our top selling Acne Solutions range:

Foaming Facial Wash – Cleans deep into the pores without irritation

Clarifying Toner – Improves skin tone and purifies the pores

Balancing Lotion – Non-greasy formula that hydrates to prevent breakout

Invisible Spot Gel – Oil-free gel that helps breakouts and reduces redness

Don’t forget our special Christmas gift. Receive a BONUS AQI cosmetics bag valued at $24.95 and FREE shipping with any AQI Skin Care purchase of $75 or more*


The perfect stocking stuffers are accessories your teen needs and loves.

From bags, wallets, hats to jewellery and watches, there are a wide variety of brands, styles and prices, so you will find something to fit within your budget.

Our picks for girls would be costume jewellery and handbags whilst for the boys it would be hats and wallets.

Perfumes and colognes are a great go-to present for older teens as it’s not only a meaningful gift that they would use but it’s something that they wouldn’t buy or have much of.

Another reason why it’s a great gift idea is that there are a selection of scents and brands at different prices so you will find a scent they will love as well as keeping within your budget.

Makeup is high on a teen’s wish list especially because of the trend and hype on different brands and accessories available.

You will be able to find something for every girl however makeup pallets and makeup brushes are popular this Christmas.

Tech Gadgets
Teenagers are tech saavy and love playing with the latest and coolest gadgets.

From portable speakers, headphones to action cameras and drones, there is something for every teen.

Novelty Gifts
Not only are they fun and quirky, but novelty gifts make for the perfect stocking fillers.

Gifts like pool inflatables, games, gimmick clothing and accessories are all trending items that teens would be happy to receive.

[Christmas Gift Tip] If you are purchasing gifts online, allow plenty of time for delivery, as there can be a few delays during this Christmas period. To avoid disappointment, always check with the stores delivery dates before purchasing the gifts.

As for AQI delivery dates, to ensure you receive your AQI products before Christmas please place orders by 15 December.

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