Dry Skin Care Tips


Itchy, flaky, dry skin can be very irritating and sometimes painful. If you are one of the people who have dry skin, knowing how to manage the itchiness or pain would be a relief. Here are some skin care tips that you could do:

  1. Use warm water and not hot. Taking a bath using hot water can really give your body a calming effect. However, if you have dry skin this is not good for you. Hot water tends to remove the natural oil of your body. And if you have dry skin, you don’t want the little remaining natural oil to be stripped off. According to the experts, make sure to limit your baths or shower time between 5 to 10 minutes.
  2. Use gentle soap or skin care products that is specifically made for dry skin. There are a lot of unnecessary ingredients that can trigger your dry skin. Soaps and skin care products that have fragrance and alcohol are a big no as these ingredients can easily irritate your skin.
  3. Moisutrise, moisturise and moisturise! Since your skin has lesser moisture than normal, using lotion, moisturiser cream can really help ease your dry skin. It’s a good practice after taking a bath or a shower to pat the excess water thenmoisturise after. And every time you wash your hands, make sure to moisturise as well.
  4. Use a humidifier during dry or winter season. The environment is also a big factor that can contribute to your dry skin. A dry and cold air can irritate your skin due to the lack of moisture in the air. Having a humidifier in your room can really help.
  5. Wear sunscreen. If you’re an outdoor person, or work outside all the time, make sure that you apply sunscreen before leaving the house to avoid sun damage.

These are just tips on how to have a good skin care routine when you have a dry skin. It’s also a great practice to consult a specialist once you encounter breakouts or irritation that you are not sure of.

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