Food to Avoid For Your Sensitive Skin

Food to Avoid For Your Sensitive Skin
Using the right skin care product for your sensitive skin is sometimes not enough. There some food that can cause skin irritation. Choosing the right food to eat will help minimize breakouts. Here are foods to avoid when you have sensitive skin:

Soya beans, soya milk and tofu are healthy food but for people whose skin gets easily irritated avoiding soya products can help.Products with soya can cause rashes or even hives especially those who are allergic with soya.

  • Gluten
    Gluten is a protein compound found in wheat, barley and rye. Studies show that in some people gluten can cause inflammation of the lining of the small intestine. Since your body can’t get the proper nutrition this then can trigger skin rashes or skin irritation. Try to reduce food like cereals, wheat bread or pasta or anything that contains wheat flour, rye and barley.
  • Additives
    Additives like MSG, Red and yellow food coloring, Nitrates, Sulfites can cause different kinds of allergic reaction. Nitrates are known to trigger hives and itching. Try to avoid eating processed food like canned goods as well as avoid sweets with food coloring in it.
  • Dairy
    If you have eczema, milk proteins like casein and whey can trigger skin irritation. Try to lessen your intake for dairy products like cheese and cow’s milk. You can even try some alternatives like almond milk, coconut milk or even rice milk.
  • Egg
    Most of the time children experience egg allergies. The immune system mistakenly sees some egg proteins harmful and starts attacking them. This will cause the immune system to produce histamines which causes skin inflammation and hives.

These are just some of the food to look out for. If you have a sensitive skin and are not sure that you are allergic to these kinds of food, it’s best to be tested.

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