Heat Rash Treatment for Babies

Heat rash or also known as prickly heat or miliaria is a tiny red or pink rash or blisters that usually affect babies.  This rash often develops during summer and when the weather is hot and humid. It is commonly found on the neck, shoulders, sides of the nappy area, and arms. Or it often appears where the clothes have contact with the skin like the armpits, chest and underwear area. It can even develop on the scalp or forehead if your little one often wears hats. This rash can be very itchy and it will cause discomfort to your baby.

What can cause a heat rash?

One of the functions of our skin is to regulate our body temperature. During a hot and humid weather our body adapts by sweating. This then will help cool down our body temperature. But when our sweat glands get blocked and traps the sweat in our skin, heat rash develops. This is why babies and young children are prone to heat rash because their sweat glands are not yet fully developed.


How to treat heat rash?

Generally, heat rash will disappear in a few days. However, since these rashes are very itchy and uncomfortable for your little one, here are some tips on how to calm and relieve your baby from the discomfort.

  • Keep your baby’s skin cool and dry. You can give your baby a lukewarm bath to cool the skin and the affected areas. It’s better to air dry the skin if you can. If you can’t avoid using towels, avoid rubbing when drying your baby’s skin.


  • Avoid using synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester. These types of materials don’t allow air to flow instead, they trap heat. Use lighter and natural fibres like cotton. Also you can loosen your baby’s clothes or take the nappy off. Try to do this as often as you can.


  • Try to avoid hot and humid places. If this can’t be avoided, make sure that you and your baby is in a shade or a well-ventilated room. You can also make use of a fan to help the air flow and reduce the heat.


How to prevent heat rash?

  • In hot and humid days, don’t’ cover your baby with too much clothes. Make sure to use light and comfortable clothes and try to have a nappy-free time too.


  • As much as possible, try to keep your baby’s skin dry and cool. Also, you can make use of a fan to keep your baby’s sleeping area or room cool.

These are some tips to help soothe your baby from heat rash. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist and when your baby develops a fever.

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