How to Shampoo your Hair properly

Shampooing your hair properly is the start to having healthy locks for the future. You may think that going in the shower is nothing but a routine that we do every day but you have to remember that having healthy hair starts in the shower.

You have to know how to shampoo your hair the right way based on your hair type. The common hair types that we have are dry, normal and oily hair. You need to make sure that you choose the right shampoo for your hair type which we mentioned in our previous article. Below are a couple of things to remember when shampooing your hair:

Tips on How to Properly Shampoo your Hair

1. Wash Your Hair Depending on Your Hair Type
How often you wash your hair depends on your hair type. Firstly, if you have oily or fine hair you need to shampoo daily. This will help keep the grease out and keep your hair looking healthy. If you have normal or dry hair, you can go ahead and wash up to three times a week.

2. Make sure you rinse your hair before shampooing
It is advisable to rinse your hair in warm water first so that the cuticle opens up which will then help remove any dirt of hair product trapped in your hair. This will help your scalp absorb the oil in your conditioner.

3. Shampoo your Scalp
Start with a quarter-sized amount of shampoo to lather your scalp if your hair is long or thick you can double the size. Remember that shampoos are meant for cleansing our scalp. The rule of the thumb is to shampoo the hair near the scalp because this is where the youngest hairs can be found. It is also the oiliest which will need extra cleansing. The end of the hair is the oldest which means that this is the driest and the fragile part of the hair.

4. Gentle is Key
Start by lathering the roots, and use vertical strokes with medium pressure. This will stimulate hair growth and increase the blood flow to the scalp. Too much friction can permanently damage your hair cuticle which can then lead to frizz and breakage. You can then move the lather over the ends of your hair in a straight stroking motion.

5. Condition and Finish with Cold Water Rinse
After rinsing out your shampoo, make sure to take out some of the water before you put the conditioner. Make sure you condition from the middle part of the hair to the tips. Avoid putting conditioner at the roots of your hair, as this will strip the natural oil from your scalp. You can then finish off with a cold water rinse to close the cuticle tight. This will seal the outer layer which will give your hair shine.

These are just some helpful tips to help you have beautiful and healthy locks. If in the event you have some scalp condition that is persistent, it is still best to get in touch with a specialist to help you find the best product and solution for your hair.

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