Milia in Babies


Milia are tiny white bumps that are often seen on the nose, forehead, cheeks and even the chin. Around 40 to 50 percent of newborn babies have milia. Usually, milia becomes visible a day or two after birth. There are some babies that have a lot but there are some who just have few.

It can be really alarming to see that your baby’s beautiful and delicate skin is covered with these tiny bumps. But don’t fret; these tiny bumps are not contagious and they are painless. It will not even cause discomfort to your baby. Milia does not really need treatment. It usually clears up in two to four weeks.

But what causes Milia?
Milia develops when tiny dead skin gets trapped in small pockets near the surface of your baby’s delicate skin. This then turns into tiny white bumps. The tiny white bumps will eventually disappear when the surface of the tiny bump wears off and the dead skin sheds.

How to treat Milia?
When it comes on treating milia, try to be patient; that’s all you’ll need. There is no need to treat the tiny white bumps as they eventually go away in a few weeks but sometimes it can take up to a month or two to clear up. It is also recommended that you do not apply any ointments or creams on the milia. And squeezing is a big “no”. Squeezing can irritate your baby’s delicate skin as well as cause scarring. It is also not a good idea to scrub off the tiny bumps while giving your baby a bath. This can just irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.

If you see any other skin abnormalities like dry red rashes, or scaly rashes, your child might have eczema. It’s best to consult your baby’s doctor if you see any other symptoms.

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