Night Cream: Is it Necessary?


Night Cream: Is it Necessary?

Should you use night cream? That is the question. A lot of people often ask this question and it is safe to say there are some people who say that it isn’t necessary and some say that it is pertinent. Let’s try to drill down to the details on using night cream.

To start off, we have to remember that the skin is the largest organ in our body. Its primary role in our body is to protect us from environmental damage and to keep us warm. You have to remind yourself that during the day our skin is on protection mode, this means that it is trying its best to protect the body from free radicals that causes sensitivity and premature aging. At night, our skin switches to repair and rest mode. This means that our skin uses the time when we sleep to repair all the damage that it received during the day. Our body usually has a natural way of repairing our skin cells but it doesn’t hurt to give it a little help.

Using the right night cream, will help your skin through the process of repair. It makes the repair of the cells work better and more efficient. To choose the right night cream, you have to keep in mind your age, skin type and your skin requirements (like if you want to treat pigmentation, wrinkles, etc.). You have to make sure that the night cream that you will be choosing is designed for your needs and has the right ingredients that will help nourish and revitalize your skin.

Using night cream helps promotes even complexion, boost collagen and elastic production, improve circulation and gives you a healthy glow. So go ahead and do what’s best for your skin and apply night cream before you tuck yourself into bed.

There are a lot of great night cream products out there; a wonderful example is the AQI Extra Rich Night Cream.

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