Prep Your Skin Ready For Any Occasion

Tips to clearer, brighter skin and healthier, shinier hair. Plan, hydrate, stress less and sleep your way to clearer brighter skin and healthier, shinier hair at your next special occasion.

Spring has to be one of our favourite seasons of the year; from the sun shining, flowers blooming to special events like Spring racing and weddings. Many of us mark these events in our calendars well in advance but forget the importance of preparing our skin for these big events.

We are strong believers of natural beauty, and that is why we have put together our top tips to make sure your hair, skin and complexion has a radiant glow to match your fabulous outfit.

They say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail and same can go for your beauty routine. If you want glowing, radiant skin, you need to follow and maintain a daily (day & night) skin care routine at least 1 week before your event. For best results, the longer you maintain your skin care routine the better your complexion will be.

Hair care is another important beauty routine that needs to be followed and maintained. By using the right hair care products and knowing when to prep your hair can make all the difference for shiny, healthy looking hair on the day of your event. If you plan to wear your hair up, we recommend you wash your hair the night before your big event to allow the moisture to balance and the natural oils to coat the hair. This makes the hair more manageable to mould an updo.

Other beauty mistakes are not allowing enough time to between hair removal and tanning. We recommend to apply fake tan 2 days before the event and 1 day after hair removal to avoid irritation and allow the tan to develop into a natural golden glow.

We all know that our body is made up of 60% water but most of us would be guilty of not replenishing the water lost throughout the day. By depriving our body of water, our organs are unable to function properly. Our skin is the largest organ of our body so the effects of dehydration are seen and felt quickly.

It is advised to drink at least 2 litres of water and day and consume fresh food that are water-rich. By drinking an consuming the recommended amount of water your skin will be clearer, smoother and younger looking.

You can also assist the skin by supplementing and applying moisture rich creams and lotions daily.

Stress Less
Nothing is worse than finding a pimple the day of a special event. Acne can be triggered by several factors but one that can be prevented is stress. Stress causes your body to release certain hormones like cortisol, which tells the glands to produce more oil. The oiler the skin the more chances of clogged pores which lead to acne breakouts.

In the lead up to a big event, try to reduce your stress as well as eating healthy and if your skin is acne prone, use natural acne targeted products to help minimise the breakouts.

We shouldn’t need an excuse to get more beauty sleep but the fact is, majority of us just don’t get enough sleep. In order to wake up feeling and looking wonderful, we need to ensure we allow our body enough time to repair and restore itself especially our skin and hair.

We constantly complain about our dry, pasty skin and dull, limp hair and use products as the first course of action to try and rectify these beauty concerns. But there is no substitute for sleep and by sleeping at least 7 hours a night, two weeks before the big event, you will see a considerable improvement in your skin and hair.

Hydrating skin care products work hand in hand with a good night’s rest as they help and encourage the natural process that our skin undergoes whilst we sleep.

By following the above beauty tips, you will be showing off your clear, bright skin and healthy, shiny hair at your next special event.

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