Tips on Choosing the Right Hair Conditioner


Are You Using the Right Hair Conditioner?

This is the question most people don’t think about. If it didn’t cross your mind, don’t worry. You are not alone. There are a lot of people who goes out and buy a conditioner without considering what it does to their hair. And usually the conditioner they bought doesn’t work for them thus making them change to a new one or ends up not using it at all.

But why use a hair conditioner?

Hair conditioner is usually used after washing your hair with or without the use of a shampoo. It helps restore the lost moisture right after you washed your hair. It also helps lessen tangles and static. Hair conditioner makes the hair smoother, shiny and makes the hair manageable. But not all conditioners work for all types of hair. Aside from knowing your hair type, you should also be aware of how your hair feels. That’s why when choosing the right conditioner for your hair, you should know if your hair feels oily, dry, dull, damaged or brittle.

If your hair feels Greasy or Oily:

Most of the time, people with greasy or oily hair skips the conditioning part when washing their hair or taking a bath because this tends to worsen the situation.  However, there are hair conditioners that can help address your oily hair. And here are some basic tips you can do to help you manage your oily hair:

  • Read labels and look for conditioners that have light and balancing formulation. You can also choose volumising and strengthening conditioners as these kinds of conditioners tends to lessen the moisture of the hair by removing excess oil.
  • Avoid moisturising, smoothing or hydrating conditioners as well as conditioners made for curly hair. This types of conditioners helps add moisture to the hair.
  • Try to avoid applying the conditioner on the scalp. Instead, get a small amount of the product and apply midway until the tips of your hair.
  • It’s very important to rinse your hair properly. When you don’t rinse your hair properly, this can result to oily hair.
  • If you have oily and fine hair, you can also try using the conditioner first before washing your hair with shampoo.

If your hair feels Dry, Dull, Damaged or Brittle:

  • Don’t use conditioners that have volumising, strengthening or fortifying formulations as these types of conditioners tend to reduce moisture of the hair.
  • If your hair is somewhat dry, you can look for hydrating, moisturising or balancing conditioners. But if you have damaged, brittle or very dry hair, look for conditioners that have repair or control formulations.
  • You can also try using intense or deep conditioners or treatment. This can be used once a week or depending on the instructions of the product.

Also if you have sensitive skin or scalp, make sure to use hair conditioners made for sensitive skin or scalp to avoid scalp or skin irritation.

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